Learn More About Your Sites. Win More Projects.

Create a comprehensive, AI enhanced buildings and sites database and respond to RFIs with speed and confidence.


In the fast-paced world of economic development, the right property can make all the difference.

At Sitehunt, we understand that behind every successful project is a location that ticks all the boxes. 


We've created the ulitmate AI-powered database for economic developers who demand more than just a real estate listing.


Gone are the days of sifting through incomplete and outdated property profiles.

With dozens of tailored categories and 300+ dynamic questions, efficiently gather vast, relevant data for every unique property.


Sitehunt is the meticulously crafted solution that empowers economic developers to become definitive authorities of their properties.

Effortless RFI responses at your fingertips

When a request for information lands on your desk, time is of the essence. Our intuitive platform empowers you to respond with speed and confidence.

Your Ultimate Property Database

Timing and information are everything. We provide an innovative solution for economic developers and site selectors looking for the perfect property to meet their rigorous demands.

Site Location Tool

Our comprehensive, AI-powered database goes beyond the basics of traditional real estate listings

Expedite RFI

Swiftly and accurately respond to RFIs with accuracy, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.

Master Your Sites

Gain insight into property potential and make informed decisions with detailed property profiles.

In-Depth Inventory

Create a comprehensive inventory of your community's buildings and sites with our user-friendly interface.

Built in Learning Center

Navigate the complexities of site selection with our extensive learning center and resource guide

Data-Driven Precision

Leverage more than 600 property data points for in-depth analysis and unparalleled site selection.

Efficient Outreach

Utilize crafted email templates for quick exchanges with industry professionals and experts.

  Site Location Tool

 Showcase your properties with our public-facing directory and map. (coming soon)

AI Data Insights

AI assisted infrastructure identifications and property detail collection, for faster in-depth listings.

But that's not all.  Because we're just getting started.

Here's what's on our roadmap:

Features Coming Soon
Property Intelligence    
AI Powered Database  
Comprehensive Property Profiles  
Property Comparison Tools  
Over 600 Data Points  
File Management  
Property Portfolio Valuation  
Data and Insights    
Automated Infrastructure Location  
Enhanced Demographic Data  
Economic Data  
AI Insights for In-Depth Information  
Search and Discover    
AI-Enhanced Search Capabilities  
Chat with Your Sites  
Site Selection and Analysis    
Site Suitability Scoring  
Customizable RFI Questionnaires  
Seamless RFI Distribution  
Project Management    
Automated RFI Integration  
RFI Submission Tracking  
AI-Assisted Analysis  
Dynamic RFI Response  
Public Property Directory  
User Engagement Analytics  
Lead Generation & Management  
Social Media Post Generator  
Instant Flyer Creation  
AI Generated Marketing Content  
Spec Sheet  
Guidance and Resources    
Integrated Learning Center  
Support Tools  
Communication and Workflow    
Email Templates  
Multi-User Access  
User Activity Logs  
Site Summary  
Site Spec Sheets  
RFI Summary  
Economic Impact  
Visitor Tracking  
Data and Analytics  


Sitehunt is an AI-enhanced SAAS platform developed for the
needs of economic developers and site selectors, aimed at turning information
into investment. It offers a robust property database management system and
streamlines the RFI response process.

Sitehunt was developed by Dane Carlson, an experienced economic developer with over 20 years of expertise in the public, private, non-profit, and public-private partnership sectors. He's also an entrepreneur and the host of the Econ Dev Show podcast and newsletter.

Sitehunt was designed with all economic developers in mind, with flexible pricing plans designed to accommodate everyone.

Sitehunt empowers economic developers to become authoritative experts on their properties, harnessing AI-powered insights from over 600 data points. This facilitates quick RFI responses and strategic positioning in the market, attracting investments and stimulating community development.

AI provides insights, assists with data entry, generates marketing content, finds nearby infrastructure, helps manage the property database, and streamlines the RFI response process.

Yes, Sitehunt offers an Enterprise plan featuring customizable options tailored to address the distinct demands of economic development organizations, ensuring the platform is fine-tuned to your needs.

Yes, contact Dane for a trial or demo.

If your organization has a tight budget and you're concerned about affordability, please contact us directly. We evaluate each case individually to ensure our pricing meets your needs.

We love receiving feedback and welcome new feature suggestions—after all, we built Sitehunt for you! Please share your thoughts and ideas with us at feedback@sitehunt.io to help us continue improving your experience.

Sitehunt offers an in-depth learning center, detailed tutorials, and the potential for webinars or live training sessions.

You can cancel your Sitehunt subscription at any time before the start of the next billing cycle. To do so, review the cancellation options in your account settings or reach out to Sitehunt's customer support directly at support@sitehunt.io.